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Discover our commitment to providing top-notch power tools that deliver reliability and performance for all your projects.

About Retropower Corporation

Leading services provider in the Philippines


Since 2003, Retropower Corporation has been a leader in state-of-the-art services and power tools for concrete drilling, coring, firestop anchor system installation, wall/wire sawing, and slab beam cutting. Our expertise extends to various building renovation projects, controlled demolition, retrofitting works, floor grinding, polishing, and anchoring solutions.

Our mission

At Retropower Corporation we aim to ensure your utmost satisfaction through high quality products conceived in the spirit of innovation and born out of continuous research and development

Our Vision

We aim to become a leading service provider in the field of the construction industry our company is uses specialized equipment and wekk trained staff to support the fast changing needs and schedules of our clients.

Retropower Corporation is devoted to uphold its corporate values.

Passion, Collaboration, Professionalism, Effectiveness, Customer Centricity, Honesty, Teamwork, Continous Self Improvement


Why Choose Us?

Retropower Corporation provides efficient and timely solutions to our clients
using state of the art methodology. we are also equipped with top of the line
machines and accessories

and with the help of our team of hard working and experienced workforce, projects
are executed within the stipulated period and based on the requirements of our
valued clients


We are proud to be Accredited and Partnered with the following Global Brands

market segment experience

Retropower Corporation provides its services in nearly all sectors of the Construction Industry


Commercial Malls

We specialize in supplying top-of-the-line construction equipment for commercial malls.


Public / Private Buildings

Our team is adept at navigating the diverse requirements and regulations governing public and private construction projects.


Hotel / Multi unit Residential

We specialize in the construction of hotel and multi-unit residential developments, offering unparalleled expertise and dedication to quality.


Residential Homes

Retropower Corporation, known for its expertise in construction and development services, will oversee the project from inception to completion.


industrial public works

With its expertise in construction and development services, will manage the project to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of infrastructure that meets the needs of industrial stakeholders.



expertise in infrastructure development, will oversee the project to ensure the timely completion of high-quality roadways that enhance mobility and safety for motorists.


Let’s work together

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