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(Controlled Robotic Demolition and Concrete Floor Grinding and Polishing)

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Controlled Demolition

  • Wall Saw Cutting
  • Wire Saw Cutting
  • Slab Cutting
  • Stitch Coring

Robotic Demolition

  • Chipping Works
  • Crushing Works
  • Shearing Works
  • Grappling Works
  • Trench Works

Anchoring Solutions

  • Scanning Works
  • Drilling Works
  • Coring Works
  • Epoxy Application
  • Pull-Out Testing

Concrete Surface Preparation

  • Grinding Works
  • Polishing Works
  • Concrete Scarifying Works
  • Concrete Roughening Works
About us

We are specialized contractor focusing on Controlled Demolition Works, Robotic Demolition, Floor Grinding & Polishing Works and Anchoring Solutions Projects.

Since 2003, Retropower Corporation has been a pioneer in advanced services for concrete drilling, coring, firestop anchor system installation, wall and wire sawing, and slab and beam cutting. Our expertise extends to various building renovation projects, controlled demolitions, retrofitting works, floor grinding and polishing, and anchoring solutions. As a trusted name in Husqvarna Philippines, we ensure top-notch quality and precision in every project.

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Controlled Demolition Works

Retropower Corporation specializes in controlled demolition works, ensuring precise and safe removal of structures for renovation or redevelopment projects. Utilizing advanced techniques and equipment, we guarantee efficient and environmentally friendly demolition solutions. As a trusted partner of Husqvarna Philippines, we deliver top-quality results with exceptional precision and reliability

Home Streamlining Portal Beam Demolition with Precision and Expertise Introduction Renovation or demolition projects often require the removal of portal beams. These beams are critical …

Home Harnessing the Power of Controlled Demolition: Benefits and Advantages for Users In the realm of urban development, the utilization of controlled demolition techniques emerges …

Home Water Pump House Demolition Introduction Undertaking water pump house demolition projects demands precision and expertise. These structures house essential machinery and piping. Ensuring their …

Home Demolition of Mat Foundation Introduction Demolishing mat foundations is critical in construction projects. These foundations provide extensive support to walls and structural units. This …

Home Chipping of RC Columns Using Demolition Robot RC (Reinforced Concrete) columns play a crucial role in industrial and commercial buildings, providing essential support and …

Home Cutting of RC Column Project Introduction Mastering the art of cutting reinforced concrete (RC) columns is crucial in construction and renovation projects. These structural …


Concrete Surface Preparation

Retropower Corporation excels in concrete surface preparation, offering expert services in grinding, polishing, and leveling to achieve a flawless finish. Utilizing cutting-edge equipment and techniques, we ensure optimal surface readiness for any construction project. As a proud partner of Husqvarna Philippines, we deliver top-tier quality and precision in every job

Home Concrete Grinding and Polishing of Shopping Center The Concrete Grinding and Polishing project by Retropower Corporation involves the comprehensive grinding and polishing of concrete …

Home Expressway Grinding Works The Expressway Grinding Works project by Retropower Corporation involves the precision grinding of expressway surfaces. Retropower Corporation, a renowned construction and …

Home Grinding and Polishing of Warehouse & Offices The Grinding and Polishing of Warehouse & Offices project by Retropower Corporation entails the comprehensive refurbishment of …

Home Concrete Polishing at Mall In the realm of construction, the finishing touches often speak volumes about the quality and dedication invested in a project. …

Home College Building Concrete Grinding & Polishing Works Achieve Superior Results with Husqvarna Tools and Machines Transform the floors of your college building with Retropower …

Home Concrete Grinding & Polishing Works Precision Grinding with Husqvarna Machines Revitalize your warehouse with Retropower Corporation’s professional grinding and polishing services, enhanced by cutting-edge …

Choose Retropower Corporation for All Your Needs

Retropower Corporation provides exceptional service and support for Husqvarna Philippines products. Trust us for the best Husqvarna Philippines equipment to ensure superior performance and reliability.

Efficient and Timely Solutions

Retropower Corporation offers efficient and timely solutions to our clients and Husqvarna Philippines using state-of-the-art methodologies. We are equipped with top-of-the-line machines and accessories to deliver the highest quality results.

Experienced and Dedicated Workforce

With the help of our hardworking and experienced team, projects are executed within the stipulated period and based on the specific requirements of our valued clients. Trust Retropower Corporation to meet and exceed your expectations with precision and expertise.

market segment experience

Retropower Corporation provides its services in nearly all sectors of the Construction Industry


Commercial Malls

We specialize in supplying top-of-the-line construction equipment for commercial malls.


Public / Private Buildings

Our team is adept at navigating the diverse requirements and regulations governing public and private construction projects.


Hotel / Multi unit Residential

We specialize in the construction of hotel and multi-unit residential developments, offering unparalleled expertise and dedication to quality.


Residential Homes

Retropower Corporation, known for its expertise in construction and development services, will oversee the project from inception to completion.


industrial public works

With its expertise in construction and development services, will manage the project to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of infrastructure that meets the needs of industrial stakeholders.



expertise in infrastructure development, will oversee the project to ensure the timely completion of high-quality roadways that enhance mobility and safety for motorists.

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